Thursday, 14 January 2010


One of the ways I intend to De-Clutter my finances is by reducing my monthly spend on food. I will openly admit that I don't actually know how much I spend every month on groceries, but I feel pretty sure that it is too much. The main reason for this is that we are too prone to buying quick fix processed foods. Although my lovely husband will cook for us, his concoctions often contain tinned vegetables and we are big fans of frozen mash!

I've made it my mission this month to attempt to cook more from scratch, which is easier said than done seeing as I have never been a particularly good cook and I don't really enjoy it. However something seems to have changed there, perhaps it's reaching the old age of 31? I've been getting out the cook books which were getting dusty on the shelf, finding recipes, buying the fresh food and so far so good. I've made a few lovely stews in my slow cooker and even cooked for two of my girlfriends on Saturday night totally from scratch dessert and all!

My search for recipes led me to a blog that I have been following for a couple of years Country Heart & Home written by the very talented Debbie. She has decided to launch a 52 week cooking challenge and is posting a recipe a week to try. You are under no obligation to make any of the recipes but last weeks carrot cake took my fancy. Having always made solid, burnt offerings, or cakes that didn't rise, this one actually looked easy and low and behold, last night out of my oven popped a perfect cake! I urge you to try this recipe it is delicious and could not be easier. It doesn't do a lot for De-Cluttering the extra inches I've acquired round my waist this Christmas but who cares? It's cold out and I need something to go with my cuppa!

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  1. Delicious - glad youre following the challenge honey and i hope you keep posting pics :)