Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Studio time

Not long ago I was very fortunate to be offered a lovely corner desk totally FREE OF CHARGE! Who was I to say no when my studio was looking like this and contained two 1970's melamine tables with some rather wobbly bookcases

On a positive note the once junk ridden studio needed to be totally cleared out, packed up and moved out of in order to get the new desk in, which was then assembled and slowly but surely everything could come back in.

it now looks like this:

Now that I have a lovely little haven to work from I decided it was time to set too and sort out what remained inside, starting with my button collection. I was fed up of sorting through a big box of buttons of which 50% I would never use so I had a ruthless clear out. I am selling those that I dont want, you can view the album on facebook HERE

Next came the fabric box. What was a huge messy bundle of nothing ness is now neat and tidy in my drawers (this is just a tiny amount of what I have).

I will be listing my old fabric that I no longer want on Folksy in May once Mother in Law Mack has come and taken what she will use for her patchworking obesession.


  1. looking good! I have doilly envy!

  2. Very jealous!! I just have a cupboard and that is so stuffed full of 'stuff' the door doesn't even close!! Mind you I'm sure I may be able to squeeze in some more fabric.....

  3. Looking good! So tidy and smart!

  4. do you live nearby? Can you come over?


  5. I live in Essex, would happily come and sort out your studio would be ace!